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Beyond disaster recovery: 4 major considerations for your website

Disaster recovery should be at the core of every organization's IT strategy. Any tactics implemented to keep a company online in the event of a catastrophe should account for natural

improving cdn reliability and redundancy

Tired of outages? Improve your CDN redundancy and reliability

For companies looking to enhance website performance and reliability, a CDN is a great place to start. Because a CDN uses geographically distributed servers, it can reduce page load latency


Common DDoS mitigation methods and comparison

There are many DDoS mitigation methods, and each has its advocates. The three most common DDoS mitigation methods are Clean Pipe, CDN Attack Dilution, and Anti-DDoS Proxy.  The truth is,

Lesson learned from the Cloudflare massive outage

Lesson learned from the Cloudflare massive outage

Cloudflare is a cloud solution giant, helping individuals and companies manage over 3 million web properties through its comprehensive product line.  On July 2nd, everything is peaceful until you see

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The definitive guide: Choosing the best CDN provider (2019)

If you have a website whether it's a web application or an online store, chances are you’ve heard about content delivery networks or CDNs. There are countless CDN options on

how mlytics mitigated the largest ddos attacks

How we mitigated one of the largest CC (DDoS) attacks

In the first quarter of 2019, one of our customers came to us with a problem: their website was under attack. No matter what they tried to get around the


Why small business need DDoS protection more than ever

Image by InvestmentZen The most famous distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks usually involve political intrigue or huge corporations, as was the case with attacks on Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” movement and

fight ddos with Multi CDN

How Multi CDN fight DDoS attacks cheaper and more effectively

If you own a website and especially if you make a living online, it is likely that you are already familiar with at least one of the major content distribution


What is DNS Flag Day and what it means to CDN users

DNS Flag Day happened on Feb 1st, 2019, and it’s a big deal. On this day, many DNS software and service providers including Cloudflare, Google, and Facebook have agreed to


Success Stories: Aurora Group

Aurora Group’s business scope involves office automation equipment, office furniture, communications, 3D printer, cloud, and electronics. With its massive business scale in the Mandarin-speaking market, it’s looking for solutions to


The story behind the creation of mlytics Power-Ups

Cloud is a complicated topic, and so are all the services and products in this field. At mlytics, we’re always working hard to make the latest and greatest cloud technologies

How mlytics patched Cloudflare WAF bypass vulnerability (on our end)

On Oct 25, 2018, a researcher from ODS (Open Data Security) named Daniel Fariña released a blog post sharing his findings about a vulnerability in the case of Nginx on


Power up your site with mlytics Power-Ups

Today we’re really excited to announce the launch of the mlytics “Power-Ups” and “Power-Ups marketplace”. You can now add additional CDNs, DDoS protection, or even upgrade your support tier via


Why and how mlytics built its own web application firewall

A web application firewall (WAF) is an application firewall specifically designed for HTTP applications, which means applications intended to run on the web. A WAF employs a set of rules

The blind spots you’re missing with Synthetic Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges involves not only designing and implementing your cloud infrastructure but also monitoring its performance to ensure peak performance. But instead of examining these issues in


Introducing Zero SSL: Free SSL Certificate and Easy Installation

Today we’re launching Zero SSL, the fastest and easiest way you can obtain and set up a free SSL certificate for your website. It’s a simple proposition: through mlytics platform,


Success Stories: is a fast-growing online gaming company that serves over 10 million visitors a month by delivering real-time interactive P2P gaming. With its main focus in the China territory, their


ADN vs CDN: What’s the difference and which should you choose

There are many different components you need to consider when you want to improve website performance. One of the critical mistakes many people make is looking at a bunch of


Questions to ask when deploying Multi CDN

A good analogy for a reason behind a CDN is a fast food franchise. Deploying smaller computer servers in multiple locations is similar to the reason why your favorite fast


Multi-Cloud Strategy: What is it, and how to manage it?

In the IT field nowadays, one is never enough. Every aspect of your infrastructure needs to have backups and redundancies for the all-too-common problems that even the best systems experience

Why Your Website is Slow In China

Why your website is slow in China (and how to fix it)

Report shows China internet users are now roughly 800 million, which is equivalent to the total population of Japan, Russia, Mexico, and the US combined. China is no doubt a